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There are countless online sportsbooks out there, each claiming to be the best and most worthy of your deposit.  Sportsbook reviews are easy to find, but most of them are BS.  The majority of these sites are affiliate marketers that will say anything to try to get you to signup and deposit money.  Very few will report slow payouts or list the deposit/payout fees.

Most of us at BettingBrain have made the move to using bitcoin for depositing/withdrawing at most sportsbooks since its almost always free and is extremely fast.  It is a hassle to setup (buying bitcoin, transferring to wallet, then sending to betting site).  Then to cashout, you have to reverse the process.

Want to signup at one of the most popular sportsbooks, but not sure which one?  Well, we broke down the basics in our comparison cheat sheet ofBetOnline vs Bovada.

The reputation and history of a sportsbook reveals so much about a company.  A long-running reputation among sports bettors, can not be bought.  Reading our betting site reviews will uncover if they are slow to payout their players.  We also encourage visitors to leave their own review about each sportsbook.  At the bottom of our review pages their is an option to make your comments a review.  This will help others find a legit sports betting site withoutgetting scammedand losing money.

BetDSI is well known to long time sports bettors, but they try to stay out of the public eye and dont want to be the biggest and most popular sportsbook.Read full review

Bovada really does deserve to be in your rotation of sportsbooks. Not always the best lines, but overall it is a solid betting site with a good reputation.Read full review

GT Bets has become a favorite sportsbook for small-mid size bets. They are a good book that pays fast!Read full review

YouWager is a long standing ethical sportsbook with a good reputation. They opt to advertise less to stay under the radar and they have a decent client base of real sports bettors.Read full review

The bonus on every deposit is what sets BetOnline apart from other sportsbooks. We know is legit and has a good history.Read full review is a sister site of BetOnline acquired this brand and 2012 and runs it well, just like they do with BetOnline..Read full review

Intertops is now available to US residents! Weve always liked Intertops, but for awhile they werent accepting any new US bettors.Read full review

Bookmaker is a classic with a great reputation. They are the best at setting the lines. and you should always have a part of your bankroll at Bookmaker.Read full review

Mybookie is great with the best deposit/payout options: credit card, bitcoin, e-check, wires and MG. Overall a good alternative to Bovada and BetOnline…Read full review

Bodog is legendary and is always a good choice for Canadian sports betting..Read full review

5Dimes is a completely legit site. They payout pretty quickly, with a few options and they have great betting lines.Read full review

WagerWeb has come a long way and is becoming a decent book. Bonus is confusing, so read the bonus terms before depositing.Read full review

BetNow is a newer Sportsbook (2015), and seems to be running their business properly.Read full review

VietBet is the largest Asian American sportsbook and has been around since 2002. They stay under the radar and they like it that way..Read full review

Betphoenix has tons of bonuses, but some also carry a very high betting requirement (18x rollover). Overall a good sportsbook that pays on time, just be sure to read the bonus terms before depositing.Read full review is taking 3+ months to payout players while they continue to collect new player deposits immediately. Classic signs of a slow-rolling scam… You deserve better!Read full review

TopBet was a decent sportsbook, then around July 2016 payments slowed and are still very very slow (5+ months) in July 2017..Read full review

After making an initial deposit, and the excitement of starting to bet on sports at a new sportsbook gives way to business as usual, sports betting becomes a simple exercise in beating the odds set by the books. To do so, it is vital to gain an advantage in any way possible, no matter how small that advantage may be. One such way to gain an advantage against the house while betting on sports is to find the sportsbook that offers the most favorable odds for the sports you like to bet on.

Finding favorable odds can take on a number of meanings, and which sportsbook is most favorable for you depends on what sports you prefer to wager on and what types of bets you like to place. But there are some general rules that you can follow to gain a relative advantage using some sportsbooks when compared to others.

Looking at moneyline wagers, look at the odds of sportsbooks before you sign up for an account with them to see which books make you pay the least to back favorites, and which offer greater payouts for backing underdogs. Win or lose, risking $200 to win $100 is smarter than risking $210 to win $100, both in that it reduces risk and frees up pieces of your bankroll for other wagers at the same time.

When dealing with spread wagers, find the books that offer reduced juice when possible, for the same reasoning as the moneyline wagering example above. If you only have to risk $107 to win $100 in every spread bet instead of the typical $110 to win $100, that is something that can add up over time and make you more profitable in the long term, which is the goal of any sports bettor.

Online sportsbooks have a gift for making every promotion look alluring. Free bets! Huge bonuses! It all sounds great, until you read the fine print and realize that they can provide legitimate obstacles to block you from making the money that you could be if you werent locked into the terms of those promotions. One such example of this is the use of deposit match bonuses for new players. It looks great to get an extra $100 to match your initial $100 deposit, but those types of bonuses tend to come with big rollover requirements, which prevent players from withdrawing any winnings until you wager an amount of money that satisfies those requirements, in hopes that youll lose it all before you get there.

Instead of opting for promotions with big rollover requirements, look for ones that offer free bets that are offered by some sportsbooks. For example, a book that offers a $25 free bet, which is reimbursed to you after your first qualifying live bet is placed, wont lock you into a potentially vicious rollover cycle, but could provide a nice insurance policy should one of your existing wagers go wrong. No matter what sportsbook you opt for, though, be sure to read the fine print on any promotions that you see. If they look too good to be true, they could very well be.

While betting on sports is plenty of fun even when youre losing, the end goal of any bettor is to win and get paid. So it goes without saying that you should research the sportsbooks that youre considering opening an account with and make sure that players arent posting horror stories online about issues with getting paid. Be sure to read each sportsbooks rules and terms to make sure that they have payment methods that work for you as well.

Favorable odds and promotions that dont come with massive strings attached mean nothing if it is a pain to use the online sportsbook that youre trying to bet with. Does the site you are looking into using have a user-friendly interface? Does it have a mobile site that is easy to use? Are there odds for everything that you want to wager on? Just like with sports betting itself, patience is the key to picking out an online sportsbook. If one doesnt check off all of the boxes on your list of desired qualities, you could be selling yourself short.

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